Saturday, June 27, 2020

Drugs in Sikeston lead to violence

If Sikeston DPS doesn’t start addressing the illegal drugs in this town the violence is only going to get worse. The drugs in Sikeston are out of control. There’s someone selling drugs on every street in this town. When is DPS going to wake up to this problem and start doing something about it? Drugs lead to violence just like the shootings we recently had and until they start addressing this problem it’s going to continue.

We contacted Sikeston Department of Public Safety Chief James B. McMillen who provided the following response: “We understand that illegal drugs are connected to violence, whether that violence is related to trafficking, purchasing or illegal use itself. Recent news releases have shown our efforts to combat drugs regionally. We cooperate with the DEA, SEMO Drug Task Force and routinely share information with neighboring agencies. We know this is an ongoing effort and no one has forgotten that. Lastly, I would ask if you have shared this information you have with us? Community participation will always lead us to being more successful in these efforts. Please call 573-471-1500.”

New mayor needed

Sikeston is ready for a new mayor. We need a new mayor bad.

Is Kirby’s reopening?

Is Kirby’s Sandwich Shop planning on reopening?

We contacted Kirby’s owner Don Newton who said the downtown Sikeston restaurant plans to reopen on July 6.

Everybody needs to get right with God

I think the people in this world are going crazy. Not just the blacks, but the whites too. Everything is me, me, me. They’d better get right with God and forget all that other stuff. It’s just ridiculous.