Letter to the Editor

Letter: 'Thou shalt not kill'

Friday, July 31, 2020

Dear Editors:

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. That could possibly be true. Then that child takes a gun and kills a village!

I know several friends who have been shot down by guns that donít kill.

I have family in Sikeston. I also knew the young ladies whose blood permeates the ground on Plantation Boulevard. Their young black lives didnít matter to the young black men whose guns didnít kill. Of course they are not guilty until guilt is proven in court.

Black lives matter! All lives matter! The life of the unborn baby matters! But like guns, scalpels donít kill. It is simply the smiling abortionists who kill.

Actually, I see things in a different light. A light that canít be hidden under a bushel. A light Satan canít blow out. A light that says guns do kill, scalpels do kill. A light that says ďthou shalt not kill.Ē

Black, white, red, yellow, brown, without God your village is doomed!

Thank you for your most valuable time.


Larry D. Coram

Oran, Mo.