Wednesday, September 23, 2020

What are people thinking?

I was at Walmart yesterday and I canít believe how ignorant. Theyíre running around with their face masks down around their neck, showing everyone how brave they are I guess. And people with their mouths covered and their nose not. What in the world are they thinking?

People are utterly ridiculous

I think the people in this world have lost their minds. Theyíre always a shooting, and a killing and a rioting. I think that them people who are doing all that rioting and tearing up and burning, should have to pay for everything theyíve torn up and burned. If they donít they go to jail. I donít understand people nowdays. Itís just utterly ridiculous.

Young driver needs to slow down

Yes, this is Sunday, Aug. 30, at about 1 p.m. A young guy driving a black 2008 GMC pickup at the four-way stop at Center and N. Kingshighway, he ran the stoplight, cut me off, thought he was a high-speed driver and neglected everybody on the road. He almost rear-ended a car in front of Lawrence Law Office. I tried to keep up, but then I quit, because I didnít want to pursue it any longer. Someone should get a hold of his parents. He really thought he was something special. Heís a young kid and he really thought he was in Nascar. Thank you very much for your time.

Please contact DPS with this information.

Issues with the Standard Democrat

I just noticed the other day, an obituary in your paper. It had been in your paper two or three weeks. I was just wondering why you keep reporting this same obituary? Also, I was reading an article that said it was continuing on page two. I went to that article on page two and half the sentence had been cut off. Thatís aggravating when youíre trying to find the whole story. And sometimes the paper, you canít read it, because of the color of ink. Itís either real light or itís so dark itís blurry. And sometimes there were as an ad in the paper for a job and it was apply such-and-such, but you couldnít read where the job was located. Not trying to be nit-picky or anything. I know it sounds like it.

The family paid for the obituary to be in multiple days. We arenít sure what story you are referring to but mistakes do happen. We apologize. We donít print the paper so we have no control over that but you can also read your paper online with your subscription. Thank you for reading.