Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Give up red hats, wear masks

I wish people would give up their red hats and start wearing face masks. We would be a lot safer.

God needed, not communists

It is time for all Christians, irregardless of color, to voice their opinion on this last Presidential election. It became clear what was the end going to be when Biden started his “calming” ending effect. It had already been decided not by a few, but many, extensively, and highly calculating individuals what the end was to be. And that was former presidential agendas to become affective again, and allowing foreign countries to buy pieces of America so that they could control America. We need our God in our government, communists.

Job loss is mental health crisis

If people lose their job because of the COVID virus, whether they have to get on general relief, go to a food bank, its a lowering of their standard of living. That’s a mental health crisis. It will effect them for several months. They may want to get therapy for it. It’s hard to take when your standard of living is lowered or taken away from you. I do want to say, I don’t know is going on with the masks for COVID virus. They will also protect you from the flu, pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. So masks are a really good thing.