Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Re-examine trash contract

I think the City of Sikeston needs to re-examine its solid waste contract with Sonny’s. If you don’t have your lid completely closed on your trash container, they will not pick it up. I never knew that before.

Trump lost to F-R-E-E

Think about this. Donald Trump just lost the election to the word free. F-R-E-E.

No unity seen at all

I was just watching TV and the new President-elect Biden he promises he and his vice president will bring the country together with unity. If they’re so good at bringing the country together, why do they have 25,000 National Guard troops protecting them and the capitol. I don’t think there is no unity there when half of the people despise the new administration and what they stand for.

Thank a farmer tonight

Remember tonight when you’re having your dinner, without farmers you would be naked, hungry and sober.

Biden is man of God

I am pleased to see President-elect Biden inviting lawmakers to join him in church this morning. Even though across the aisle are those who can and will oppose him. It is uplifting and comforting to know we will once again have a man of God in the White House.