Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Thank you for continuing Weekly Record

This is the first time Iíve ever called Speakout but I wanted to say thank you for continuing the Weekly Record in New Madrid. I live in New Madrid. Iíve lived here 81 years. All of my life weíve received the Weekly Record and it was a big loss to me so I want to say thank you for doing what you are doing.

Republicans are to blame

Is anyone surprised that Missouri is dead last of all the states in getting its citizens vaccinated for the coronavirus? With leaders like President Trump, Governor Parsons, Senator Hawley and Congressman Smith and the rest of the gang of swamp creatures, I can only encourage those who elect them to not wear masks. Please party hard with your fellow Republicans. Be sure not to get the vaccination because your president has told you its a hoax and things will improve.

Whereís my vaccine?

Yes, I just got my Sikeston Standard for Wednesday, today, Jan. 27, and I saw where the co-editor of the Standard, David Jenkins, got his first round of the vaccine. Iím happy he got it but I am an elderly person and my husband and Iím sure there are plenty of us looking at this paper today and how come we werenít notified. We have been registered online with the health department and with the senior citizens and I would like to know why the younger people are getting in line ahead of us.

Is mail being held somewhere?

I saw in the newspaper where somebody else was complaining about the mail. I mailed my granddaughter in North Carolina a Christmas card Dec. 11. She still hasnít received it. Is there anyway anybody knows if some of the mail is being held somewhere?