Saturday, February 20, 2021

Fish recipe sounds good

If you like fried fish, like me, here’s a sauce you might want to try. It sounds pretty good. I can imagine the flavors in my mind. Take sour cream, sliced scallions or green onions and sliced mild chilis and incorporate that in there. Dip your fish in there and I think it would be great. Have a good time.

Leave a recorded message

Today I did not get trash pickup from Sonny’s. Yes the streets had ice on them and it was understandable that Sonny’s trucks might operate properly under the icy conditions, but I still put my red trash can out for pickup. What really bothers me is that I called Sonny’s office both in Sikeston and Cape many times and listened to a recording to leave a message and the recording and they would return the call. You would think they would have recorded a message that they would not pickup today because of the icy conditions. They never returned the call. I think Sonny’s could have at least left a recorded a message stating that there would be no pickup today. A good company should supply its customers with courteous information. To change a recording message on a telephone is only a five minute job.

No salt in East Prairie

Where’s these big East Prairie salt trucks at over here? We pay these big $70 a month water bills. I’ve been out through town and not seen one truck out putting no dirt down, nothin. C’mon East Prairie. Get with it.