Saturday, April 17, 2021

Gates is like Trump

It appears that Congressman Matt Gates has a lot more in common with Trump than we ever thought, his total disrespect for women.

The price is not right

It’s a shame that Teen Challenge and Goodwill get stuff given to them and then you go out there and they price it higher than it ever was. They look on the internet for the price. This is not right and what it does is cause people like me to quit donating stuff out there. If they charge so much and you give it to them then you’ll finally say “well I’ll take it somewhere else.” That’s the way I am. Thank you for publishing this.

Thank you to good samaritan

This is a gentleman from Blodgett, Missouri. I’d like to thank a young lady from Oran, Missouri, that came to my aid when I was at the Dollar General in Benton the other day. I sure do thank her and appreciate her for what they done. A lot of people say there are no more good samaritans around, well they’re wrong. I had one to help me and I am so very grateful for her and her family. May God bless them and keep them safe.