Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sikeston still laughingstock to caller

Good afternoon Sikeston and southeast Missouri. The call the other day, when I called in about Miner, you were wanting to know the correlation between the two ó Sikeston is the laughing stock of southeast Missouri instead of Miner. That was the correlation. It had nothing to do with the courts. Sikeston is making some dumb moves and itís like all they want is to please a certain few in this town and the rest of the town doesnít matter. If somebody tries to run and go against the system, they are blackballed and laughed out of town. The city manager here needs to resign. He could have given the citizens here some money through the funds but instead chose to do everything but what the town needs. We donít need a new improved website. We need better paying jobs. And a better staffed public safety department.

We donít understand. You want better paying jobs but and in the same call complain about city officials who helped bring Carlisle Construction here, adding 100 better paying jobs. Your complaint on the city manager is completely inaccurate. The city manager cannot approve how the funds are spent, only make a recommendation. The city council will decide how the funds are spent and no decision has been made yet. There will be future meetings you can attend and recommend how the council can spend the money. However, the federal government only allows money to be spent a certain way and they canít spend it on better paying jobs or a better staffed public safety department.

Donít pay bill

I want to speak out about the cable company in Sikeston ó Spectrum. Weíve had several cable outages. I just called them about the outage on Sept. 16 and they stated they would give me $5.99 back for a whole days outage. Iím going to call on everyone in Sikeston and surrounding area to boycott them and not pay our bill next month. Weíll see how they like their outages as far as not being paid.

US needs return of Jolly Green Giants

Despite the horrific blunders our political leaders made in Vietnam they did allow heroic rescue operations trying to make sure no aviator shot down in North Vietnam was left behind. Once a Navy, Air Force, Marine aviator was shot down in North Vietnam, their emergency radio transmitted a beacon along with the downed pilot being able to communicate with the rescue force if they had not been captured by the North Vietnamese. Immediately the Jolly Green Giants would come racing in for the rescue, supported by the umbrella of both fixed wing and jet support to suppress North Vietnamese fire. And then those brave crew members on the Jolly Green would lower the jungle penetrator to retrieve our downed airmen. Of course, some missions were not successful and some of the Jolly Green crews were killed in their heroic attempts to bring back our downed airmen and not leave them to the cruel and barbaric North Vietnamese captors. So we fast forward and today our politicians handicap our service members, especially the special ops units, making it impossible to rescue Americans in Kabul who will be left behind thanks to senile Joe Biden. Beyond disgusting.

Mosquitoes are terrible

Iíd like to speak out about the mosquitoes here in Sikeston. They are terrible. Iíve lived over here six years and I used to could sit out at 9 oíclock at night and there might be a few but now they eat me up at 4 oíclock in the afternoon. I donít get it. They say they are spraying. I never see the mosquito truck. Over here on Russell Street and all these side streets over here, they used to back up and spray the trees over there. I never hear them. I never see them. I donít believe they are spraying.

According to Brian Dial, street superintendent, in a story that ran in our newspaper in July, the mosquito trucks run late at night and early in the morning when people are sleeping. Mosquitoes are bad all over southeast Missouri this year, it isnít just limited to Sikeston.