Saturday, November 6, 2021

Company keeps on billing

I recently canceled my services with a cable/satellite service provider. This was on Oct. 15. I called them and told them to send me a final bill, as of that date. Which is acceptable I thought. I was told they couldnít do that, they would have to bill me through the end of my billing cycle, which ended on Nov. 4. In other words, these companies want to bill you for three weeks of service they are not providing. Now when did that become legal?

Why is city car at school?

Why is there a code enforcement City of Sikeston car at the Fifth and Sixth Grade Center every day using city car, city gas and city time? Think about it.

Are you sure it isnít the school resource officerís vehicle?

Protest wasnít peaceful

I am reading the Friday, Oct. 22 Speakout, and it says give them recognition. A handful of SHS students who courageously protested last yearís pre-presidential election peacefully. Well I hate to say this, but it wasnít peaceful. They screamed out at us obscenities. If thatís peaceful then that is ridiculous.

Lighting used taxpayer money

The lighting improvements for Dancler Field were a budgeted item in the FY22 budget. Yes, they were budgeted using Sikeston taxpayerís money.