Saturday, December 11, 2021

Tariffs cause of high prices?

Is the high prices we are experiencing (at least in part) the result of Trumpís tariffs on other countries? We are still buying from these same countries but we paying more.

Have to burn leaves

This is to the neighbors who complain about us burning our leaves, legally, in our back yard. You need to take your complaints to city hall because I donít have a truck to haul it to the compost, Sonnyís Solid Waste doesnít pick up leaves like other cities do and they donít have that leaf vacuum truck anymore. So if you have neighbors like me that donít rake their leaves, theyíll eventually end up in my yard. The only way I can dispose of them is to burn them. The city spends $300,000 for another ball diamond when we already have 10 at the Complex.

Whatís up with Zaxbyís?

I would like to know what has happened to the Zaxbyís restaurant here in Sikeston. Itís never open anymore, or itís open very seldom. Can you tell me what happened to it?

Zaxbyís in Sikeston, as well as Cape, is closing.