SpeakOut 6/19

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

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I'm from Morehouse. I read your article in SpeakOut about where the city board got this person who was in the nursing home for not mowing his yard. On 309 Jackson Street, there's a lot that's never been mowed. Just south of 308 Carroll Street, there's a lot where the weeds are head-high. Just across from the school, there's a lot there that the city had sold a man and it has trash all over it. On 211 E. Sarno, there's a lot there that's all grown up. So the people in Morehouse who got complained on, the man is a Pearl Harbor veteran and suffers from shell shock from the war. I just thought you people would like to know this.

More and more city employees seem to be driving city vehicles home each day for their own use. Are there no rules or regulations to cover this problem? Gasoline and wear and tear on these trucks are eventually paid for by us taxpayers. Maybe we should all get to drive a city-owned vehicle for free whenever we want to. Why not let city employees buy their own gas and use their own vehicles? Our town would save thousands of dollars yearly.

I just saw on TV the bridge in Oklahoma that was hit by a barge and completely collapsed into the river should be open by this weekend, June 22. This is all four lanes into the river. Then I called the Missouri Department of Transportation and they tell me the construction over the Diversion Channel near Cape Girardeau won't be finished until next year. They are only adding one lane to an existing bridge. I think the I-55 bridge builders need to go to Oklahoma and learn how to build a bridge.

Is it true that they're going to check and see if you have a driver's license before they issue you car tags and insurance?

I would like to SpeakOut about Scott Welton's article in the June 9 Standard Democrat about all the flooding in Mini Farms. What's happened out there is happening all over Southeast Missouri, especially in Scott and New Madrid counties. People have forgotten how to pull together. They forgot how to go to their representatives, not in big numbers but with petitions and things, and tell them to get with it and get something done. This started back when Bill Emerson was first elected. He was going to get something done about the big St. John's Bayou. It's 25 years later and his wife still gets the money - we may have to elect someone to replace her. You people need to do like we do over here in New Madrid County, which we need to pull together better too. Let's get some drainage things going here in Scott and New Madrid counties. It's not going to get any better. We don't have time to play around with this.