Letter to the Editor

Your View 1/6: Where's the money?

Monday, January 6, 2003

A recent article about prosecutors being urged to fight against regulating or legalizing drugs, especially the least harmful of all drugs - marijuana - noted that "Those who support drug legalization are well funded," are these reformers as well funded as the ONDCP? The ONDCP is using taxpayer money to support a political position on an issue.

Is this legal? Would it be legal if the department of health started urging prosecutors to fight against abortion by charging people with manslaughter? I think not.

And what exactly is "well funded?" Would it be $1.8 million spent on an anti-marijuana media campaign spent by the ONDCP this year alone? Would it be the other $20 billion spent on the drug war?

When did it become legal for a public office holder to campaign for or against anything with public money? And where does it stop?

Well funded reforms? Certainly not, not even close. If we were nearly as well funded as the drug warriors, the public would have realized the truth behind prohibition years ago and ended the most destructive and useless form of drug control ever conceived.

Money supports terrorism and prohibition creates lots of money. What causes prohibition?

Jim White, Oregon, Ohio