Speakout 4/9

Friday, April 9, 2004

Charleston, shooting in the west end - I think the City Council of Charleston has had their final warning about unlawful use of business property in our city pertaining to alcohol and unruly crowds on business property. I hope to see all the concerned citizens of Charleston at the next City Council meeting on April 13.

I would like to give a big thank you to the Collins Piano Company for the handling of the tickets for the Albritton-Mayer Cultural Center. They did a fantastic job and it is really appreciated.

I'm calling about the noise ordinance. All you have to do is read the city court records in the newspaper and you will see that they are not arresting people for violations of the ordinance. The weather is pretty now and people are blaring their music day and night. You call the police, they come and are unable to locate the violators. They need to sit up and let these people know the noise will not be tolerated. We are suffering over here on the west end. We can't sleep, our windows rattle, the pictures on the wall rattle and they are not enforcing the noise ordinance. Now they want to put more noise ordinance violations on the docket for the police to do? They can't do their jobs now; why give them more to do? It doesn't make any sense to me. I'm tired of this noise. The police say they will arrest them, they have fines out for a lot of money, hard work and time to enforce the ordinance and it's not being enforced. It's ridiculous for us to have to call in and tell the police about the noise. If they can't see it themselves, then something is wrong with the public safety department. Drew Juden is doing a good job, but he is not following up. When you call in a complaint, all you get is an attitude from the dispatchers. I don't like it and I'm tired of it.

I would like to compliment a cashier at the Sikeston Market Place. Her name is Ricky and she is very nice, polite lady. She will do anything she can to help you and I think Story's should recognize her for her good work.

I think it is time that Sikeston Public Schools has a different system for cheerleading tryouts. It was very obvious this year that girls who should have made it did not, due to how the school has the Red Pepper votes. They need judges from out of town to come here to judge the girls so it is done more fairly. If I am not mistaken, Junior High already does this.

A couple of weeks ago you named a dentist who accepts Medicaid and I have lost that newspaper. Can you please print it again?

Dr. William Dillon, 471-4335.