SpeakOut 7/29

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Call 471-6636

John Kerry offers a health care plan that would extend coverage to most of those now uninsured, paid for by rolling back tax cuts for those with incomes over $200,000. George Bush offers a tax credit that would extend coverage to fewer than 5 percent of the uninsured, plus a new tax break for the affluent that would actually increase the number of uninsured. I don't see how Bush can win this debate.

In response to the SpeakOut about the Lacy Peterson law, we don't need more laws, we need the laws we have adjudicated. There are enough laws on the books to protect everyone. We only have too many laws that are not prosecuted by our appointed judges. Most of our Supreme Court was appointed by whom?

I'm not sure if you will print this or not, but I cannot stand to be quiet any longer. To all of you New Madrid people out there who do nothing but gripe and complain about how little money out-of-towners spend in your area and how all the jobs are going away from you, take a look at yourselves! It's no wonder why no one wants to come to your little piss-ant town. You make appointments for us out-of-towners here who have to keep these appointments. Some of us drive quite a way to get there and we try hard to be there on time for these appointments. The last thing we want is to be told, "You're next on the list," only to have to sit and wait for four or five other patients to go in before you. Then when you try to cancel the appointment they try to tell you again, "You're next." Come on! I think the whole damn town needs a crash course in hospitality and not to mention just common courtesy. It takes five seconds to tell someone that it is going to be a while. There's no sense in lying about it when you honestly don't know. I can understand the truth a lot better when it's told, than to be told a lie and to see everyone else going ahead of you when they're even early for their appointment! You want us to be at our appointments on time or a few minutes early. Is it too much to ask you to keep us informed on how late our appointment is going to be? We do have lives and we are important people to other people, too. Just because you may have a title behind your name, that does not give you or your staff the right to treat us, who may not have, with any disrespect. I will not be doing my business in that town again and far as I'm concerned, you can stay in your own little town and do your business among yourselves. You deserve it! Have a great day!

If you own a horse, get it ready and put it in the Rodeo Parade Aug. 7. Also, put it in the Grand Entry Aug. 11-14. This is a wonderful event to be in and is very enjoyable. The past few years, fewer and fewer riders in them. Let's show our community we are proud to host this event and show our support by being involved.

Why do some Sikeston doctors keep moving from building to building? And why don't they let the patients know they have moved, where they moved and everything? They could call or send a letter. I get tired of going to the doctor or taking my wife to the doctor and when we get there, the doctor isn't there.

I was calling about pictures in the paper from the Spring Fling at Matthews that was held in April. I was about to chew the Standard Democrat out about being so lazy about getting them in the paper, but apparently, it must be someone from Matthews who didn't get them in the paper in time. So here we are, three months later, we finally get to see them.

It is desirable to get any photos of such events within the first two to three weeks after the event, so they can be printed in a more timely manner.