Speakout 7/6

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

I thought the hospital had a dress code out there. You see these young girls out there who work for the hospital wearing name tags and wearing pants that look like they're about to fall off their butts and have two inches of belly showing. That's tacky, tacky, tacky!

To the person in the June 24 SpeakOut about the "Religious twist" response who said whoever came up with that, it was so crazy, they loved it and wished this person would come up with something like it again. Apparently you're as twisted as the person who wrote it. I feel sorry for you, but anyway, I guarantee you that if we had an earthquake or tornado here, you wouldn't be mocking the 23rd Psalm. You'd be crying out to God.

I agree with the June 17 caller about the "Religious twist." I thought it was hilarious too. In the poem, you sound like you don't like John Kerry. Who are you to criticize someone else? If you don't want that person, don't vote. Let everybody else vote for who they want, whether it's Bush or Kerry. It's their decision.

I am calling about the intersection at Smith and Main streets. If the Sikeston Department of Public Safety would have a police car there, they could give out a lot of tickets and make a whole lot of money for the city. I go through there two or three times a day and every time, somebody is going to go through that red light - people just driving along or talking on their cell phones. When I have a green light, they will still come blasting through. It's a very dangerous intersection and DPS needs to sit there and start handing out tickets.

I saw on KFVS where they said the city of Charleston has increased in population. It must be all those illegitimate babies because there are no jobs there for people to be wanting to move there.

The Sikeston Little Theater recently presented the youth production "Romeo and Juliet." I went to see it and it was really great. The kids did a wonderful job; they were so coordinated and looked like they were having a wonderful time.

I read in the paper today where Sikeston and Miner are considering a merger. I'm from Miner and I don't want it! Mitch Thompson, don't even think about it. Don't sell us out because you work for the City of Sikeston. We don't want that crap. If we did, we would have voted for it before. If you're going be a part of Sikeston, move to Sikeston.

I believe that Mayor Marshall should be commended for suggesting that Sikeston and Miner be merged. It is the best thing that could happen to our town that he has enough courage to suggest it.