Letter to the Editor

Your View 9/27: The Cotton Carnival

Friday, September 27, 2002

The Cotton Carnival's coming.

There'll be a parade on Saturday.

Prancing majorettes will lead

The High School bands to play.

Beauty queens will ride along,

Waving - all asmile

As the drummers mark the cadence,

Seldom resting for awhile.

Jumping clowns will entertain,

Wheeling on their bikes.

Troops of Scouts will march abreast,

Some such little tykes.

Decorated floats will pass

In every shape and size;

Their uniqueness of design,

Bringing some of them a prize.

Then the Sikeston Senior Band

Will march to shouts, "Hooray, hooray!"

As they play "The Red and Black"

In the old, familiar way.

The Ferris wheel will spin in style,

There'll be a choo-choo train

And happy folks will love the taste

Of cotton candy once again.

Dorothy E. Keller