SpeakOut 9/27

Friday, September 27, 2002

Call 471-6636

This is for Quick Sack in Morehouse. It is really looking nice there with all the changes that are being made. But there is one change that I wish the lady in Morehouse would change, and that is all the old codgers who go in there and gossip and watch everything you buy and everything you do, and then sits and yaks about everything and everybody who goes in and out of there. Please fix it so when we go in there we can buy personal items and things like that so we don't have to be embarrassed of and uncomfortable with. That's all I have to say. Good luck and thank you.

Recently I went into ReStart in Sikeston. I wanted to work out on the work out equipment because my cholesterol is dangerously high. They refused to let me work out. Other places that I checked to work out at were so expensive I couldn't afford it. I'm on a fixed income. I would like to find a place where I could go, where working people can go. This is a matter of life and death. We need to work out our cholesterol levels and working out is the best medicine there is to do it. Please tell us where we can go to work out and it won't cost an arm and a leg.

Call the YMCA at 472-9622 or Regal Health Club at 472-6185.

I'm calling about the person who complained about customers and employees playing loud music at a fast-food restaurant. What are they doing? Delivering your food to you at your car? If you don't want to go there, it's your option. Don't go there. But I doubt if the employees are playing their music that loud while they're delivering your food.

Someone called SpeakOut and said KFVS-12 needs to talk to the right people. For your information, I called the Transportation Department on the Friday before the little girl got hit by the school bus to report on a bus driver who almost committed the same act. I told them they needed to talk to the bus drivers. The following Tuesday, the child got hit. Had they called the bus driver and told them they had received a report of careless driving, this accident would have never happened. Evidently you've never lost a child before. To the Sikeston Department of Public Safety, explain to me how the bus driver couldn't be at fault. Explain that, if the child ran out in front of the bus, why did the driver drive half-way down the street before stopping?

According to information provided by the Sikeston Department of Public Safety, the preliminary investigation indicated the little girl ran after the bus as it was pulling away. "AS the bus turned, she caught up to the bus and at some point fell under the rear wheels." The report did not say she ran in front of the bus.

I was recently at the Sikeston Kindergarten Center during lunch hour. The young man who cleaned the trays after the children ate banged every tray. You could tell he was a great worker and is very proud of his job. The children love him and you could tell he loves them. But the trays being banged is all you can hear. I think he should be told that it really bothered some of the students and they can't complain.

I'm calling in regards to the sports section on Sept. 15. It would have been nice if they had included the Portageville-Scott City write-up. Once again we've been left out. Let's see what we can do about improving this next week.

Attempts to reach the Portageville coaching staff were unsuccessful last Friday. Scores and highlights can be called in to (573) 471-6980 at any time after each game.

I'm calling about the Sept. 15 paper that was talking about the Charleston Police Department, as far as the police being at the police station. Does this person know that the police officers get a break just like anybody else? The officers are in the police cars 12 hours a day. Don't you think they deserve a break too?

I'm not against the cigarette tax, but what I fail to understand is why they don't tax the liquor, beer and alcoholic beverages. They do more harm to innocent people by accidents, non support and so forth than cigarettes do to people who smoke them. I think they should tax liquor just as much as they do cigarettes.