SpeakOut 10/7

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

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To the grown men who beat up minor boys, it is very upsetting. These men are fathers. They need to act like fathers. They are adults. They know better. They act like they are the mafia of Matthews. Anyone in their right mind would have known better You men need to think about what if this would have happened to your children.

As I was casually reading the Oct. 5 Standard Democrat, I noticed a tragic mistake. In the story, In a lather about soap, I noticed that the story stated that "The addition of other ingredients and the curing process reduce the lye's acidity." The problem with this paragraph is that lye is not an acid at all. In fact it is a base. Maybe your writers should try following the top journalistic one word phrase, DIG!

The mistake was due to a reporter's error who took chemistry a very LONG time ago. Sorry.

Mike, I could not agree with you more about the Oct. 2 editorial about the California recall. If the people reelect the people in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C., they should use a little common sense instead of acting like total idiots. Our whole country is in for a lot of trouble. We need to stop electing spineless people.

I saw where the Sikeston Youth Soccer League is putting up new light poles. How much money have they raised from their recent fund-raiser? I would also like to know how much money was raised from the baseball fund-raiser. It seems those kinds of things never get put in, thanking the residents of Sikeston for their continued support. It would be nice to know how much money they made.

Organizations are welcome to thank supporters in the form of a letter to the editor.

I read the article about the Bootheel casino's gross revenue dropping last year. I don't think it's so much that they lost jobs in the area. I think it's because the casino doesn't give as good perks as other casinos close by. Plus, they do not pay off as good as they used to. That's why people aren't going to the Caruthersville casino.

I would like to thank the SpeakOut caller who submitted the Wesley Clark qualifications. I knew nothing about this gentleman. To listen to the Republican taking heads, you'd think this guy was a clown. That's the trouble with politics. They have no respect. This man is the kind of man we need to be serving our country. There is no respect in politics anymore. What a shame.