Speakout 9/17

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'd like to point something out in the Look before crossing speakout. The person was talking about having the right of way at crosswalks. The statute does say that a pedestrian has the right of way in a crosswalk; however, it does have to be a crosswalk. You cannot walk down the middle of the street and expect to have the right of way. The pedestrian has to yield to the vehicle in the roadway just like the vehicle driving has to yield to the pedestrian in a crosswalk only. Nowhere else does the pedestrian have the right of way.

To the one who wanted to know where they could get Kentucky Colonel pecans, I don't know where you can buy those. I have a book on pecans. The book is from Jane Wilson and Sunny Land Farms. They've been in this business for 59 years. The number is 1-800-999-2488. You can call them about the pecans and see if they have what you are wanting.

I'm just a citizen and it looks like to me the American people are going to have to do like they did in Romania and just take the politicians out and separate the telephone poles with them before they will do what we want them to do. With everything that's going on, the Mexicans crossing the border, they're doing everything but what the public wants.

I am so tired of hearing how these teachers and students today are so mistreated. The teachers make a good salary and have new cars and nice homes. The students graduate with Blunt's help with all the generous contributions made to the schools. These students have a better chance of getting a job than their parents and grandparents did. Forty years ago only rich kids went to college, the others went to work in a factory, restaurant or a pallet mill. The teachers also have aides doing their work. Years ago aides were not even thought of. You are blessed with a good job and a good salary. No foreign trade in this occupation.

I am so appalled about the lady on the front page Sept. 6 doing this little "cut up" thing in her kitchen. Whoever took this picture don't know what the heck they are talking about. There were ladies down at the American Legion on Tuesday. They were rolling out dumplings, had flour upon their faces. This woman had nothing to do with that. She was not in the kitchen. I think that whoever took this photograph should be reprimanded on that. This is not how it works. We, the Ladies Auxiliary, we work hard for this. We go down to the American Legion and we roll out the dumplings. We have a supervisor. I won't mention her name. We bought at least 40 pounds of flour, I don't know how many eggs. That's where it really is, it's not in the kitchen of some woman's home, all dressed up. I'm sorry sir, but your photographer needs to get it straight.

Mike, I have heard that the MDA Telethon, that Jerry Lewis gets a percentage of that money. Would you check and see if that's true or not?

Several reports through the years say Lewis is not paid for his particpation.

I am from the Portageville, Mo. area and I am a subscriber to the Standard Democrat. I'd like to make a comment about your new, refurbished sports department. I don't know how many folks you lost, you gained one new one. That's about all I know. It seems like your sports section has expanded to maybe a full page or two pages, three pages at a time. It was starting to look a little better, but it's starting to slack off now. There's not as much stuff as there was. There's a lot of Nascar fans in the area. We appreciate qualifying efforts put back in the paper for Friday for the weekend race. I got my Thursday, Sept. 6 paper and it does not have a thing in it about qualifying on Friday. You've been putting it in the last couple of weeks but it's not in there this week. Get with the program, folks. Don't forget that Portageville is down here instead of concentrating all your time on your Sikeston Bulldogs. We fans read the paper down here also and we like a little bit of coverage down here also.