Speakout 6/30

Friday, June 30, 2006

I don't know what the problems are but they must be very serious to deny the young people of our town the use of the Charleston Public Pool. In case you are not aware, not everyone belongs to the Country Club. What are the kids supposed to do this summer? It would be hard to convince me that the great wisdom of our city politicians could not find a solution to the lifeguard problem. If it takes paying the lifeguards a competitive wage, then they should put a few extra dollars in the city budget. If the real reason you are not opening the pool is to calm the discipline problems among the youth, this can be easily managed with proper management and supervision. If you don't care about the children in Charleston this is a more serious problem.

I was calling about the couple that was sitting on the bank of the complex on Monday afternoon. I was out there fishing with my two children and we had to leave because I was so embarrassed by the way this couple was making out in front of my kids. I mean they really needed to get a room. After all that is a lake for the city of Sikeston, so if they want to do that crap they need to do it in private. If I want my children to watch two people make out, I'd much prefer them to watch me and my wife. They need to get a life.

This is for the person who wrote "Night shoppers." What about the people who have worked hard and somewhere down the line had to get food stamps? It's not because they're lazy. Their job shut down or they got laid off. I am a 42-year old black man and I worked all my life. I have done some jobs that other people would not do, but I had to do them to take care of my kids and pay my bills. I live in a nice house. I've been looking for work the last three months. We've been used to two incomes. What about people like me who want to work and can't find work? Do you have a problem with me shopping in the day or just a problem with us people in general?

In response to Fix-a-chair, call 620-5758. Thank you.

- - -

There is an upholstery shop in Morley. 262-9068 is the number.

I'm calling on behalf of the Little League. A lot of times people want us to be coaches out there and coach the kids so to speak. I think nowadays they take the time to make a scene and be coaches for their self and it's hurting our kids as baseball players. You have people carrying grudges. The kids are not on the all-star team and that nature. We need to get rid of this political thing. The kids need to have fun like they are supposed to be doing. We need to open our minds broader than what they are because we are losing are kids to things that we can't control. Stop the favoritism and do it like it's supposed to be done.