Speakout 8/11

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Please do not shorten or rephrase anything I am about to say. It has been a week since I called Speakout and I still have not seen my issue printed. So I am assuming the reason it has not been printed is due to the conflict an editor may have so I will say again how I feel. The City Manager Doug Friend has disrespected our Chief of Police and all officers by revoking their well-

earned raise. I guess officers are good enough to protect Friend's family but not good enough to provide for their own families. Also tell me why City Council meetings are at 5 p.m. when most people are just leaving work and cannot make it. Correct me if I am wrong but aren't the city meetings for the people of the city?

Friend answered: "On Jan. 14, 2004, the city of Sikeston published a projected expenditure summary that would be implemented upon successful passage of the new sales tax. The plan called for a 3 percent salary increase in FY-05 for all city employees with subsequent 3-percent adjustments every other year. During the budget prep for FY-05, the City Council authorized a 6-percent adjustment instead of 3 percent. "No raises were rescinded in FY

-06, as all city employees maintained the 6-percent raise and received a $500 bonus this budget year. In addition, the merit raise program is fully funded and eligible employees may receive raises to their annual salary of up to $1,069 a year. Over the course of the last year, the City Council has conducted meetings in the early morning, at noon, at 5 p.m. and in the evening. I would encourage anyone who has any questions to please contact me at 471-2174 or drop by my office."

To the Police Chief Mark in Oran. Great job. Good for you. Are people of Oran exempt from the law? Are people better in an accident because they will be forced to wear their seat belt? Keep up the good work, Mark.

KFVS recently aired a report on the town of Oran and its new law enforcement officer. I, too, am from a small town and cannot believe that some people will voice their opinion that it is OK to break the law because "it is Oran." Oran is a nice community and if you want to keep it this way, give this guy your support. We need law enforcement officers who are going to enforce the laws and not only in Oran but in every other community in Scott County.

- - -

How come the people of Oran think they should be exempt from breaking the law? If they break the law they should be ticketed. I'm supporting the new law officer, just hang in there.

I am trying to find a Faye Thomas. I saw in the paper where her uncle, Bobby Joe Thomas passed away. If anyone knows where you can find her leave her name and address and phone number in the paper so I can get in touch with her because I am looking for her very much.