Speakout 3/22

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I have gourd seeds for the person who called in the other day. You can reach me at 620-4448. I've got ornamental gourd seed.

I had a lady who cleaned for me for about three years and every time she came in my door, a smile would come upon my face. She was filled with so much energy and love. She always bent over backwards to do everything to please me and was a wonderful lady. She always did things for me and my handicapped daughter. I want to thank her for being my guardian angel. She has a birthday coming up about a week from now. She's going in for surgery on her back. She doesn't work for me anymore. I just want her to know we really appreciated her. This is for you, Carol. We love you.

This is in response to the Tattoo charge card. I am not the original caller, but what the original caller was talking about was a debit card handed out after Katrina was being used by people who were supposed victims, who did not get their selves back up on their feet, but got tattoos and beer and things like that and not things that were beneficial for their well being.

I read Mayor Marshall's letter in the Southeast Missourian and he doesn't want trains in Sikeston, but lets them run in the country. Well, we in the country, don't want them either. We that live along the tracks in Rockview, Chaffee and Oran are living in fear, too. Our homes were built years ago when only five or six trains a day went by. Also, they didn't the weight the trains have today. And they didn't go fast like they do now. All I can say is God help us if these trains get permission to use these tracks. We live in fear of what would happen that if the speed they go the cars would jump the track. Our homes would be gone and maybe some of our lives. Yes, we all wish they'd build a second track and stay where they are and stay off this track. It would be a lot safer for everyone.

I would like to speak out on the electoral college in the United States. You know the United States is supposed to be a democracy. However, we cannot as the majority of the people, pick our President. I've mentioned to my Congressman about when they are going to put legislation in to get rid of the electoral college. It was set up because of the lack of communications. Well, we have good communications now. You can't pass gas in Washington that they don't know about in Florida. Why do we still have the electoral college? We are in Iraq right now trying to have democracy for the Iraqi people and we don't even have it here in the United States. Don't you think it's time that the United States has a real democracy?

We are beginning to ticket people who smoke in public places because of the health hazards. We are beginning to ticket people who don't wear their seat belts because of the health hazards. I thinks it's time we start ticketing people who cough in public places without covering their mouths. I am sick and tired of having to come home from shopping trips because some jerk has coughed directly in my direction or the open space I have to walk in. For God's sake people, talk about trash. Cover your #@%* mouth!