Letter to the Editor

Your view: Good dining

Friday, February 3, 2006

Although I haven't lived here for over fifty years, Sikeston is still my "hometown!" I graduated from Sikeston High School in 1953 and lived in Memphis, San Francisco, Chicago and Cincinnati in the years since.

However, I was home for a visit recently and had dinner at Joseph's. What a nice surprise! The quality and ambience of that restaurant is first rate and compares favorably to the best restaurants in any city. I would be hopeful that this new restaurant succeeds and does well in Sikeston for years to come. As a top quality steak house, cost considerations may make it not be the sort of restaurant one visits several times per week. However, I would think it should make the calendar maybe once a month and certainly for special occasions as well.

Congratulations on getting such a restaurant. I hope it becomes the success it deserves!

Bob Crawford