SpeakOut 9/10

Monday, September 10, 2007

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This is referring to the August 30 SpeakOut about homosexuals. God don't make junk. It says you are tuned to be a homosexual or a heterosexual, that's not true. You have the choice. Since God made us right in the beginning, you choose to be what you are. That's just the way it is.

To met it's pretty obvious that every Conservative, antigay extremist is gay. If you're not gay, you don't sit around obsessing over gay sex. If you sit around obsessing over gay sex, then you're gay. It's that simple. If they came out of the closet, once and for all, they would be much happier and so would we.

Some of the teenage boys in Canalou did a really good job of cleaning up the trash along Main Street in Canalou. Come on people, let's help keep these streets clean and give these boys a round of applause.

I guess I'm talking about curb appeal. I live in Sikeston and I notice no one edges their curbs anymore to keep grass from growing out in the curbs. There is dirt and grass growing out. You can't even see where Sikeston has spent their money to put curbs on the streets. It's not raining now, but it will one day. When it does, everyone will complain about Sikeston streets having water. Well, one of the main reasons is that no one keeps their yard and gutters clean from debris. The drains get all clogged up with limbs and leaves. If people would take a little more time when they mow, and not throw their cuttings into the street and cut their curbs where water would flow, then the drainage system would work for the city.

Mr. Jensen, I just read the Sunday paper on politics and I agree with you 100 percent. I wish there was more people like you. I was raised, I thought I was a Democrat. But I vote for the man, not the party. If I had to choose a party now it would be Republican, because I don't like what's going on. I don not believe that we should have a woman president, that's a man's job. The Bible says that women are not supposed to rule over men. Our country is going to the dogs in a hand basket because people will not stand up. Our churches aren't preaching the truth anymore. We are just whitewashing everything. God help the next generation, that's all I can say. I wish them all the luck in the world.