Speakout 5/21

Sunday, May 21, 2006

This is a person who lives in the housing in Morehouse. The housing here is very nice. The manager here has bent over backwards to help people move in, especially a woman who didn't even have a place to live at all. She helped her all that she could. The lady that complained about her grandson, well he was with her from the first day she moved in and she was wanting him to stay with her permanently. She got upset because she was told he couldn't do it permanently, only on weekends. The manager was being very lenient. Security cameras were here before she moved in, and they are still here for our security and well being. A person who is not happy living here, then there is something wrong with them, because this is a very nice place to live. It is kept up really nice and they are always adding new things, new carpet, windows, doors, everything. The manager is very nice and informed and she will help you at any time.

- - -

I was surprised and mad also at what was called in to SpeakOut. I do not hear any of the old people, as you call us, talking about you. We couldn't have a better person running this place than we do now. As far as the camera, it was here when you came here. You talk like it was put up especially for you. We are all very proud of the camera and the good lighting that we have. We are very proud of the manager. She is always ready to help us any time that we need her. We also appreciate the cop we have in Morehouse. He comes at night checks on us. I think you owe the lady that runs this place an apology. She has to go by the rules here, she doesn't make them herself. May God bless you and forgive you.

This message goes to the cashier that waited on me late Sunday evening at Wal-Mart in Sikeston. I live out of town and got all the way home and realized that I had misplaced my checkbook. Bless her heart, she turned it in to the office and I was able to come back and get it the same night. I just want to tell her that I really appreciate what she did and I thank her, thank her, thank her.

Well, you left-wingers, you want to be these little cracker boxes and hybrid cars, as you call them. They're making them lighter and lighter and lighter. And they're making semis heavier and heavier and heavier. So what are you gonna do when they run over you and smash you like a cracker box in the middle of the road and leave a little greasy spot? You want to make them lighter, huh? Well, you go right ahead. I think I'll stick to my heavy, heavy, heavy SUV.

This is to Long and dearly departed. Man, you must have a really dull life. What do you do for fun, watch paint dry?

I would like to sincerely thank Jeff Lawrence, a veterinarian at North Ridge Veterinary Hospital, for all of his help when trying to get my feline friend to Hawaii. I am from Vanduser and have recently moved to Hawaii because my husband is in the Navy. There are many rules and regulations in the process of getting an animal here due to the quarantines and Jeff helped me to sort through them and even called me at home to notify me of any new information he found. As an added bonus he was very down to earth, straightforward, and an overall nice person. Heather was also very friendly and helpful. My husband and I are very grateful for your help and I'm sure my cat, Chloe, thanks you as well!