Speakout 5/25

Thursday, May 25, 2006

As mothers and fathers, it is our responsibility to lead our children to Christ. It is our responsibility to tell them about the plan of salvation. Yes, we can take them to church our send them to Sunday school, but that's only three hours a week that they are in church. We are with them more hours than that. Unless they see us on our hands and knees praying, and unless we talk to them about what they learned in Sunday school and how to apply it to their lives, or unless we don't talk about our neighbors but forgive them and set an example, going to Sunday school all their lives may not be the answer. The answer is us as Christian mothers and fathers set the example. Sunday school is a learning experience, but we should set the example of that we have learned. We are the greatest source of Christian living that they have.

Since when did the SpeakOut column become a place for people to whine and complain about their personal lives? As far as people in and out of the hospital and personal issues? That just takes up space of stories that have a point instead of stuff that nobody really cares about.

I was disappointed in your tornado coverage of twenty years ago. I kind of wish it went into a little more depth. Secondly, I noticed that you misspelled the word devastation. I believe it is devastation not devestation. A small comment.

I'm just getting this off my chest. Years ago people would look forward to being 62 and 65 because that was the golden years. Well these golden years have tarnished. Between Blunt and Bush, they have made a complete mess out of these whole United States. Blunt just got in office when his wife had a baby. When my father and mother were having my sisters, my brother and myself, he paid for that out of his own pocket. He raised wheat, corn, beans, raised cattle, and also had another job, too, and worked day and night to help support his family. Believe me, no one else helped pay for her hospital bill. He did. I think Bush and Blunt can pay for their own hospital bills just like everybody else. They are making a mess out of Medicaid and Medicare so just let them pay for theirs too. These Republicans have ruined the country. They need to put them on a boat and send them to China, along with the exports that are coming from Taiwan and China.

Sikeston never did look ahead like Dexter. Dexter let the trains come through. People in Sikeston had their heads in the sand and didn't prepare for the future railroad traffic. So I guess they are gonna shut all the trains down. Downtown Sikeston is as dead as a hammer anyway.

I can't believe what I read in your paper. Chris Moore's recommendation that anthems should only be done for special occasions is preposterous. I'm positive Mr. Moore has never served in the Armed Forces or that comment would never have been made. As a 20 year veteran, I would get goose bumps when the Anthem would play AT ANYTIME! This includes the games we were fortunate to receive on AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio/ Television Service) while on a six month deployment. Mr. Moore, I believe you owe all of our servicemen and women, active/inactive duty, reserves and retired an apology for your comments. My opinion is that the National Anthem should be played as often as possible, whenever possible. Thank you.