Speakout 7/29

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A little puppy was taken to the Humane Society and they turned it away because they said there was no room for it. The little puppy was dropped at my apartment. No pets are allowed here so I couldn't keep it. I was forced to bring it back home. What are all the donations going to the Humane Society for? Why are people donating money if they are going to turn animals away?

I'm calling because I am really tired of hearing Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that, Harry Potter, Harry Potter. If people were truly Christians, as well as others, would read in the Bible about lizards and witchcraft and everything, they would see God disapproves of Harry Potter books and movies. But they don't care. Even Christians are ignorant. I am really frickin' tired of hearing about Harry. I hope this gets across to a lot of people.

I noticed this morning as I was entering the city of Morley that they have a sign that says Pray for the City. I agree with that because the roads are terrible. Some of them have holes, some of them are rough. And another thing, the water system needs work because the water is horrible. So yes, we need to pray for the City.

Has anyone seen any hummingbirds lately?

This is about a cemetery south of Marston on the outer road called New Hope Cemetery. It's growing up in trees and brush and all that. A lady is trying to keep some of it cleaned up with a lawn mower. She needs a lot of help. The cemetery is just grown up. I don't think the people around needs to let the cemetery get grown up in trees and brush. There's a lot of people buried out there. If people read this and would go to help, they could find it there in Portageville. This lady is 76 years old and she's trying to do it herself. She don't have no help.

I'm not making excuses for the graduates that receive gifts and don't send out thank-you cards. But I know when I graduated from high school many years ago, my family didn't teach us to send out thank-you notes. Maybe it was because we didn't have the money to send them or I don't know, but we weren't raised to do that. But if somebody physically handed me something, I always said thank-you. Now days I assume everybody should know this. But there is also another side to the story. Everybody should send a thank-you.

If you want some excitement, go to Vanduser, Mo. Kids are playing loud music all hours of the night. They are on the roads screaming and squealing tires. You call the sheriff and all they do is give them a pat on the back. When the cops leave, they start the loud music and all the other things. It's getting so bad, we cannot sleep at night. We've done had an accident and I'm afraid there's going to be more. Do you know what we can do about this? Please, a desperate person needs help.