Letter to the Editor

Your view: Atheism unacceptable

Monday, December 11, 2006

Why do Atheists get so much positive press? Atheism comes from the Greek letter "a" - meaning "the negative" and "theism" from the Greek word "Theos" for God. Translated in English to mean, "negative God" or "there is no God." Thinking it through then, public displays of a nativity scene, a prayer at any school related function, a public display of reverence for God, God on our currency etc., the atheist says we must negate simply because (they say) there is no God. Atheists demand the overwhelming majority who believe there is a God, must be forced to join them and support their affirmation of their negative, the non-existence of God.

Now what's democratic about that? Atheists demand God-loving, God-

respecting people must affirm their negative and deny the existence of a Supreme Being. They demand we deny the very One to whom we've pledged allegiance and honor unto death above all other persons, places, or things.

Atheists demand an illogical, philosophical contradiction from God fearing citizens living out their faith. The atheist says, "there is no such thing as a creator, and it's against my constitutional rights for you to acknowledge one in a tax funded facility." Even though our nation's founding documents, and our American History are filled with acknowledgments of, reverence for, allegiance to, and dependence upon just such an Almighty Being. But the Atheist says, "Your believing that, offends me!" Furthermore, you must ease my offended feelings, by accepting that I have unlimited knowledge of the universe myself! And, my superior knowledge and intellect affords me supreme authority to demand that you publicly deny God, and affirm an absolute negative."

That, friends and neighbors, is a recipe for self-destruction; to an individual, to a family, to a nation. If we claim the Lord as our Sovereign King, to whom we have vowed loyalty to serve unto death, how can we voluntarily enslave ourselves to just a man who has (or panel of men who have) assumed infinite knowledge and authority in order to say to you, "There is no God, with infinite knowledge, and Supreme authority!" Therefore we must now be subservient to such bigots, and the dictates of their philosophy? Where's the common sense in all this?

Atheism is a nothing more than a system of self-defeatism. It severs man's connection to, and relationship with, the one and only eternal universal source of truth, hope, love, and eternal life. So, who is the Liar? (1 John 2:22) It is he who denies the Father and the son and says, there is no God! Such a liar is the Antichrist. Anyone who says there is no God is the Anti-Christ. Don't look for an apocalyptic revelation of the Anti-Christ. When we who give deference to and submit to such ones, we betray our allegiance to the Living God, our Savior, and King. And instead, pay homage to the voice, philosophy, and dictates of Satan.

John McMillen

Sikeston, MO