Speakout 2/2

Friday, February 2, 2007

To Governor Blunt and Mr. Bush. Both of you never had to go without anything in your life. You both need to walk a mile in other people's shoes. No food, no home, no electric, no health insurance. And most important, your parents always had the best so they never needed Medicare and Medicaid. Someday you will stand before God and be treated like you treated people while you were in office. Also, Mr. Blunt who paid for your wife's hospital bill when she was having your kids? We did, the taxpayers. You better step down and let someone else take your place because you sure haven't helped no one at all. God bless America because it sure needs it as long as Bush and Blunt are in office.

There's been a lot of talk about the state championships between Scott Central and Charleston and who has the lead. But more importantly, I'd like to say that Coach Cookson and Mr. Crites, they were very instrumental in helping me graduate. I never played basketball, but they were also great teachers and leaders of their school in more ways than just coaching. They knew everybody's name and took the time to help everybody. I'd like to say I appreciate them.

Attention, please!<.b<

I want to speak out about our code enforcement. I have been calling for the last two weeks on some people that have three puppies in their backyard. They don't feed them or take care of them. I have called City Hall about that for two weeks. Nothing has been done yet. Also, there backyard is an eyesore because it is a total disaster, it's got piles of stuff everywhere. That's another thing that needs attention.

I'm looking for a house out in the country. I'm tired of living in a trailer in a system when you can't have two bedrooms when there is only one. If you are on a fixed income and you get help, sometimes only one person can have grandkids over. Do they expect you to live like dogs piled up in the floor? If a farmer has a spare house that I can afford, I will be glad to help keep it up. You can call and leave a message at 703-5650.

The only way the United States can win the war in Iraq is to go in with air strikes and strike Iraq and strike Iran and blow them out. There are no civilians in war.

In 2012, embryonic stem cell cures, brain damage and paralysis. And Christians call it a miracle. Mark my words.