SpeakOut 9-24

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keep your pants on/up

In response to the person complaining about legislation on saggy pants. I fail to see this as being something to complain about. After all, we have to draw the line somewhere, and seeing someone's hind end is just a little much isn't it? As this being a fashion statement - what if someone went with no clothes at all as an "anti-fashion statement" citing their constitutional rights to freedom of "expression" ? As to the young women with the thongs visible above the waist, they're "above" that line aren't they? But I guess this is part of America, diversity and our individual differences. So in essence, show too much hind end and pay a price, if that's what you must do. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and show your %$#! Right? Many politicians do that every day and keep their pants on - or up.

Another shop

In regards to the consignment shops in Sikeston. Don't forget "Used 2 Be Mine" in Miner next to the Book Bug.

Gator aid

I believe the decision to not throw candy out is a smart one. Last year my son was about 1 1/2 years old and this year he is more active and believe me, the candy he loves. I do have one complaint from last year that was overlooked in regards to safety. While the parade traffic is traveling from east to west on Malone, usually everyone has their heads and eyes turned to the east to see the parade coming; however, speeding from the west was a Gator driven by the Sikeston Department of Public Safety rushing to a person or persons that may have been too far in the road. My problem with that is no one was looking in that direction and I saw numerous children almost get hit by this officer. I applaud their efforts, but this was more dangerous than anything. Please remind them to travel in the same direction as the parade and perhaps not use Gators to enforce the rules.

Throwing candy is fun

I just read the article in the paper about the candy not being thrown out at the parade anymore. I think that's terrible. It's been this way since the parade first began 63 years ago. That's the fun of the parade. I think the police should try to control the people in the crowd, the kids, instead of trying to put the controls on the people in the parade. Let the kids have fun - let them throw candy.

You dirty dog

Okay you people, listen up. I am tired of you people taking other people's dogs. My dog is missing and she's been missing for over a week. She's a 4-month-old little black Lab puppy. I have a reward offered and it is going to be a substantial reward. But you don't know that because you haven't brought her back. There's flyers out, there's phone numbers out, there's addresses out to bring her back. Do you know it is a felony if you have somebody else's dog? That's right - it's not your dog, it's somebody else's dog. Bring her back. Get the reward. Do not get arrested. All I want is my dog back. I'm sure there are other people in Sikeston who are missing their dogs. Kids are missing their pets. You people are being cruel! Please bring my dog back.

Vote for conscience

As an American patriot, I am fed up with the two major parties. The Democratic party is nothing but a Socialist party. The Republican party has become a borrow and spend party of moderates, paying lip service to the religious right to keep their vote. Wolves in sheep's clothing and snakes in both parties want to make our country a nation of moral relevancy and secular humanism. Change? Yes, it's time for a change. It's time for Christians to love their American heritage and their Constitution, to elect statesmen instead of politicians - men like Ron Paul and Constitution party candidate for president Chuck Baldwin and candidate for governor Gregory Thompson. Thank God for the few Republicans, like State Senator Rob Mayer and State Representative Billy Pat Wright, who are pro-life all the way. A vote for conscience is not a wasted vote.

Bedspread with a blessing

I would like to say to the lady that stole my bedspread from the laundry mat on Saturday, Sept. 13, that I hope you are warm at night and may God help you to sleep for when you wake in the middle of the night, it will be the disappointment you have brought upon yourself. And may I be at the gate of Heaven when you come to see if your name is in the book of life. My son bought me that for my birthday, he bought the whole set. You see, it comes from J.C Penney and you will not be able to get anything to match it as I have had to order the last one and it is now an out of stock item. You see, God blessed me to be able to still have the set my son bought me. Even as you took from me, He is still there to bless me. May no one form any weapon against me for I see through His eyes. May you have the strength to ask God for forgiveness as you have trespassed against Him and one that praises Him. Have a blessed winter with my cover. I work hard to have what I have. Maybe you should go to work with a higher power and peace in your life then you would think about what storms you bring on yourself. You tried to bring me a storm but God sees me through it! If you feel the need to return, there will be no questions asked just call 573-620-5394 and leave a message that you have returned it to the laundry mat. Signed, Still being blessed.