SpeakOut 11-24

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dose of medicine

This comment is for all you meth user/makers out there. I ticks me off that because of you and your idiot drug use that when I go to the store I can only purchase one box of medicine for my family. I have four people in my house that can take adult over the counter medication. At times if all of us are sick at the same time I, like I said, can only get one box. Do the math. Four people, one box of medicine. That is not going to work - that medicine will be gone if you take the recommended dose. I think we law abiding citizens should be allowed to purchase what we need. The meth users should have to carry a card saying they are meth users and not be allowed to ever purchase cold sinus or flu meds over the counter. When will the law abiding citizen of this country get a fair shake?

Figuring to get figurines

A few years ago I had a yard sale and someone came and bought two Chinese figurines. I didn't know at the time, but they were the first ceramic pieces my Mom ever made. I would like to buy those back from the person who bought them. It has been some time, they were just plain white, tall, slender figurines of a man and a woman, Chinese couple. If they would like to sell them back to me, they can reach me at 472-4723. I will gladly buy them back.

Talking is none of his business

I'm calling in regard to a place of business I was in the other day. I would like to know what gives that gentleman the right to tell people what they can talk about and can't talk about, as far as religion, politics or whatever? It's like he wants you to come into his place of business, spend your hard earned money, but he has the right to tell you what you can and cannot talk about. I thought this country had freedom of speech and that everyone had the right to express their opinion or how they felt about certain things. But he told everybody in his establishment that he was only there to make money. I don't think the man appreciates his customers. If he did, I don't think he would tell them what they could or could not discuss among themselves. I would like for him to respond with an answer.

Get over it

Mike, I've always felt that you were biased and prejudiced. Here we are living a piece of history by having the first African American president. And otherwise having printed it on the front page, which would have looked bad if you'd not printed it, you haven't said one word in your column where you have always given your opinion on something. It just strikes me as weird that you didn't comment on this. Barack is our president. You might as well pick yourself up off the floor and get over it already. We had to put up with eight years of Bush and where did it get us? You have not given Barack a chance. You can't always have it your way. I know this won't be printed, but oh well, it's my opinion and I'm gonna stick with it!

Home for the winter

A few weeks ago there was a piece in the paper about hummingbirds, how long to leave the feeders out and stuff. Well, I want you to know that I have three hummingbirds in the house and they're with me for all winter. I got my feeders up to where they can get to them and they seem to enjoy it in here.

The shape of things to come

Man, for as long as I can remember the first lady in Washington has been brimming with class. The next one has none. Someone should tell her to look in the mirror and see how ridiculous she looks in these tight knit dresses she insists on wearing. Egads, what a shape!

What's going on

I would like to speakout about the Charleston High School. What is going on in Charleston that the kids can't talk about our president elect? And also, they can't wear Obama shirts. Now this is supposed to be a democracy. What's really going on in the United States of America right here in Charleston, Mo.? You need to get these teachers out of the program and recruit good, abiding teachers. And God bless America.

Still not sealed

I want to agree with the person that lives in East Prairie. The county does this every year when they seal the roads. They don't patch the potholes. They wait for a rain to put the oil down. They don't even put enough oil to make the gravel stick. Lots of broken windshields.