Letter to the Editor

Your View: Dinner success

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Editor,

Once again the Community Thanksgiving meal was a huge success. Although we planned to feed more than last year, we actually fed less. I would like to think it was because when things are tough, the American people tend to feed each other emotionally, spiritually and physically and this year people who were thankful for what they had shared it with those who had less. Nevertheless, we fed close to 700 people again and although we didn't deliver as many meals, we did feed more people on the premises than in years past.

A special thanks to the VFW for the use of their beautiful new facilities. It made our endeavor much easier and things went so smoothly we could hardly believe it. Thanks to Larry Boyer who helped Linda Bollinger with a new streamlined plan of delivery that proved to be successful.

To you angels in street clothes who donned aprons and helped get things ready on Tuesday and Wednesday, and to those who gave a part of their Thanksgiving day to help provide a meal for those who might otherwise go without, you are without a doubt special. We are deeply indebted to each of you for your help.

Thanks also to all the churches, organizations and individuals who responded to our call for donations. You never fail to open your hearts and provide for those who need to feel the love that this community can generate.

May God's blessing be upon each and everyone who was involved directly or indirectly with this year's Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanks to all of you.

Marlene Stevens, Coordinator
Community Thanksgiving Dinner