Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good movie director

I want to commend Darius who works at Family Video. I've been renting movies for only a few weeks now, but he is very good about taking me to where the good movies are, to the ones I describe that I would like. I appreciate that. Thank you so much Darius.

Please delay strike

Please Mr. President, as America has been a leader for good and right for many years, please, please hold off your mortar power until the UN Security Committee makes their report on Syria's use of chemicals. What's the difference in Assad killing his own people than us doing it for him with a strike? What till UN Security makes the decision. Delay shows your thoughtful leadership. Try more sanctions and send less money.

Twice means two times

Since trash pickup wants a raise, I'd like to know how we can get them to come by twice a week? They sign a contract with the city that they will pick up trash twice a week. If one of the trash days falls on a holiday, they only get it once a week. Why can't they pick it up the next day so we don't have trash falling out of the trash can before they come by again? If they sign a contract for twice a week, then they should honor it and come by twice a week.

Here's the beef

I hope everybody had a Happy Labor Day, all the laborers out there that work hard, sweat, and put this good American country as we are. I just wish the other ones had enough sense to follow us Americans. The unions and for the ones that said they want fast foods at $15 an hour, fast food is not a career move. It is for part-timers. If you want a $15 hamburger, that's what you are gonna get. You are gonna run people out of business. Just think of it. Part-timers at these fast foods do not require $15 an hour 'cause it's not a career move. It's only management that gets the jobs. Sometimes they even put meat on the buns. I do support the labor group, but use commonsense folks. When you start doubling it, we are the ones that are going to have to pay for their adjustments in salary.