Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Past time to fix road

It's been over two years since the flood and it's time for Mississippi County Commission to fix County Road 310. Yes, I know you think the U.S. Army ought to fix it because they flooded it and washed away the bridge. But obviously the Army is not going to fix what they broke, so it's time for the county commission to fix it. Maybe we can't afford a bridge. Maybe we just need to put in a low-water crossing, but we need County Road 310 so we can get back to our farms.

Charlie's no angel

In response to the editorial "Faith is not about just a single prayer." Hello, I read your article and found it interesting. I read the book you are reading now, it explains some truth but it always tells some lies. I know almost all of the Manson family personally and just last night I spoke with Manson on the phone. The girl you are talking about had no faith at all and as you say, still don't. She liked what she was doing. When she finally realized she was never going to be free again, she started saying things to make people feel sorry for her. As I say, I know them all - well most of all of them - and they are where they need to be. I do wish one of them could get out. He is now 70 years old, but can he be trusted? I'm not sure, but I would take a chance on him because he is a Christian now and he was not in on the Tate-LaBianca Murders, really there are two. But the rest should take their last breath looking at the jail cell bars. As for Manson, he is right where he wants to be. But look at the photos where he was sentenced to death. He was not smiling and acting crazy like he was in court. I really think he should have been the first one to hit the gas chamber.

Elected by deadbeats

I just recently on TV noticed Mr. Obama speaking on deadbeats. I think he was referring to Congress as deadbeats for not paying bills. There is one thing he should know about. It is deadbeats, each and every one, that voted for him in the last two elections.