Friday, April 18, 2014

Blessed by Burger King

I stopped by a restaurant after a funeral after a very stressful sad day. On my way out a young man that worked there told me to have a blessed day. He didn't hear me speaking, he didn't know anything about a funeral or anything. I just told him thank you. The entire crew of Burger King came out and gave me a hug and told me to have a blessed day. I told them have a blessed day as well. It was one of the happiest days of my life and I really appreciate them for that. It just made my day and may God bless each and every person that works there.

Burglary buddies

In regards to the Morehouse woman that was arrested a couple of weeks ago for burglary, I have kind of a question. Why wasn't the people that was associated with this robbery arrested also? Why was she targeted? I was just curious. It seems like that's the way things happen in Morehouse, just whoever they want to pick on.

Ashamed and embarrassed

Congratulations to all the no votes for the Sikeston school bond. You saved yourself $100 and sent all the new businesses in this area to Poplar Bluff and Farmington. They had the foresight to think of their kids and their future. I am both ashamed and embarrassed for Sikeston. A sad day.

Children need to be safe

I can't believe you rich Republicans here in Sikeston did not vote for a safe house for the schools. I know most of your children don't go to public schools, but ours do. I'm an old lady on a fixed income, but you know, I would pay the taxes for those children to be safe because I do have grandchildren.

A little at a time

My name is Jack Vincent. I own property in Sikeston and I see where the school bond issue failed. I'm all for upgrading buildings for a period of time over the years. I think that's what the general consensus is.

Focus on the Core

Congratulations to the city of Sikeston for voting down the tax-and-spend mentality. Now let's work on saying no to Common Core nonsense. Then work on law and order and respect in the schools.

Out of reach

This is in regards to the bond issue that did not pass. I have already heard so many people griping because it was voted down. I admire you for wanting the bond issue. Yes, some things need to be done in the schools, but the school had not been taking care of the buildings and did not spent the money wisely. I was thinking about the kids because I was thinking that my kids will be the ones paying for this. I'm at the age now where before this will be done, I'll be dead. Quit telling us we were uneducated by voting against this. I could not afford the tax hit plain and simple. I could not afford it. It was way out of reach. I don't care what another school did. We need good paying jobs here so the people can afford to pay the taxes, then it would have passed. It's not gonna happen because we give Cape everything they need, like that new I-66 corridor that is going through. The city of Sikeston backed Cape on that. That is wrong. Cape should have had to fight for that just like Sikeston should. It should've gone through Sikeston and not Cape. We need to worry about us and not them.