Thursday, May 29, 2014

What a mess!

I cannot believe that those stupid retired football players want to sue the NFL because they illegally gave them pain pills so they could keep playing football. You can't do nothing illegally to anybody unless they are willing. Are they that stupid? Everybody tries to blame everything that happens to them on somebody else and get a lot of money and stuff. It's just ridiculous. And if they don't want to get stuff from China, they know China puts everything in our food and everything, don't order stuff from China. That's the government's stupidity. Those football players shouldn't get anything. They knew darn good and well what they were doing. The ones that got physically hurt and had to quit, yes. But the ones that took pain pills and kept on going, they knew what they were doing. They didn't have to get out there and play with broken bones, and take pain pills, that was their choice. People in this world are nuts. People say the world is a mess. It's not the world, it's the stupid people that's in the world.

On a death row roll

There is something I just can't believe, stay of execution and the reasonings to give them a stay of execution. What judge, we know what judge, would give a stay of execution over such minute stupid reasons? The idiot did what he did, so the person gives him some time to live because of his defects. Okay, where's the defect on his evaluation and train of thought on this stuff? What happened to our American judicial system? Let's don't put Chapstick on where it don't belong, okay? Let's take care of business. Our taxpayers are paying money to babysit these crooks in jail at $30,000 to $40,000 a year, free room and board at no cost to them, but it's costing us. The judges don't care because it might hurt someone's feelings because someone is guilty of whatever heinous crime it was. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to wake up and vote these clowns out. Have a good day and a better day tomorrow.