Monday, June 30, 2014

Prevention goes a long way

I see where we are looking on the ballot in November to increase taxes for bridge and road renovations. My opinion is I pay enough taxes now, so many I can barely get by. I don't think we should be punished for their misuse of funds and their irresponsibility in overspending. If the roads had maintained all along, a little bit at a time, and they had been proactive, I don't see that this would have been such a major project. They should not have waited till it required major renovations. It should've been maintained with preventive maintenance performed all along. I, myself, I'm not ready to pay more taxes and I hope more Missourians feel like I do. I'm 90 percent sure that all people are sick of paying more taxes.

Here's my two cents

I just got my bill from Liberty Utilities calling for a rate increase of approximately $6.40 and a month. As I predicted in your space about a year ago when Liberty took over for Atmos, I said that a weak Missouri Public Service Commission would give them a reason to increase our rates, which they are now trying to do. What's interesting is as we get the bill on June 20, and they say there is going to be a public hearing at the Clinton Building on June 30, which gives us only about 10 days to prepare for this rate increase. Now when Liberty took over for Atmos, I called your SpeakOut and I said they are going to go for a rate increase, which they have done. What they are requesting from our weak Missouri Public Service Commission is $6.40 a month, which is quite an increase. Anyway, we predicted it. It's now here. We have very little time to prepare for it. Let's find out how tough our Public Service Commission is or how tough Sikeston residents are to oppose this percentage increase of $6.40 a month. Good God! Can anybody stop these monopolies?

Dynamic duo

Why does the President need Congress and all those people? He never pays any attention to them. He just goes one and does what he wants to without them knowing or whatever. Get some of these druggies and felons up there to help him. He seems to favor them. Let them get up there and help him run the government. They could do as good as he does, or better. He gives them everything they want anyway. They get food stamps and whatever. They'd make a good pair, Obama and the felons and the drug dealers and all that. First thing they need to do is get rid of Obama but they're not going to do that.

Yum, yum

I ate at the new Evelyn's Family Restaurant in New Madrid that recently opened. We ate on Friday when they had fish plates and it was delicious. The fish was not greasy. It was big, flaky fish. We had hushpuppies, onion, onion rings and french fries. The drinks were really cheap too. I would recommend that restaurant to anyone. It was clean and spotless in there. Everybody was dressed in uniforms and they had new furniture and every day they make a different dessert that's homemade. I would highly recommend it to anybody.

Majority doesn't win - ever

I'm calling in regards to the speakout that says that if the people don't like homosexuality or same sex marriage, that we should move to another country like Russia. Maybe they need to move. I am sick and tired of the minority of a few people saying we should be able to do what we want and to heck with what most people want. Look at California. They voted on Proposition 8 in 2008 saying that same sex marriage could not be allowed in California. Almost 600,000 more voted against same sex marriage than voted for it. A federal judge comes in there and says no we've go to do it anyway. That's what's wrong with this country. The majority of people are not gonna get what they want, it's what a few vocal people want. Maybe that person needs to move and go live in fairyland or where ever they want to live. I'm tired of being pushed around.