Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vote to save America

The United States of America is in a fog. When it lifts, will we still be the land of the free? Voting is our civic duty, so register today and be ready to vote. Strength is in numbers. To keep our republic we must vote for candidates that are pro life, pro Constitution, pro gun. It is our civic duty to vote for a candidate that is on America's side. God bless America.

EnAbles speeders

Obviously we have no speed limit on Ables Road anymore. Unless you're going east and you read the sign and it says 35. Because when you're going in the other direction, west, there is no speed limit, and people are passing each other on the street whenever they please. It needs to be checked more often.

God does not accept all

I don't know who the idiot was that put that speakout in the June 22 paper about being a Christian and God loves all and accepts all. God loves everybody but he doesn't accept all that crap like homosexuals, transgender and all that stuff. I don't know who that idiot is, but if he claims to be a Christian he better quit it and go on to something else. He must not be cause God does not accept all. He loves all but He don't accept all that crap. A lot of Christians are getting over themselves, taking part in the homosexuals, including the ministers. The Bible does say love thy neighbor, it doesn't say husband and wives should go jump in the bed with each other. The Bible plainly says that marriage is between a man and a woman. You're not judging anybody if you think they are wrong for going against God's way. God does not accept all. He does not accept homosexuality or none of that stuff. He does not accept that stuff. If they think being a lesbian and transgender and all that stuff, that God accepts it, when they wake up in hell they might will realize that God don't accept it.

For God's sake

I was wondering why they are going after that doctor on TV about his weight loss stuff. This old gal and her mom are always on the TCT. The network is supposed to talk about God and getting people saved. They are always on there preaching their weight loss crap and their pills for this and pills for that and charging a fortune. Why don't they go after them? They're not supposed to be raising money and stuff. They never mention God. They are just always trying to sell their products. If you are going to go after one person for something, get them all.

They can take a hike

I'm calling about a local company here, a plant, that is requesting other customers through an electrical company to compensate for their botched-up negotiations and greed in the past. Customers will pay a higher rate for the discount they are desiring. They have profited millions in the past and I've seen no check in my mail to help me pay my electric bill when this all could have been prevented when you have local power producers. They botched the agreement up with this company. And as far as my concerned, I'm not willing to pay for anybody else's electricity, I can barely pay for my own. So if you wanna lock the doors, lock the doors.