Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Left a mess

You know, I was not going to put in the paper, but the more I have to look at a house that my neighbors abandoned it makes me mad. One morning last week the code enforcement drove into my driveway and informed me that I was going to get a letter from the city telling me that I had to clean up my carport. I told him that I had just taken that carpet out of the house the day before and I was going to haul it off today. These people let this house run down and did not take care of it so when it got too bad for them to live in, they just move. I know one thing, they sure kept their cars clean. The question in my mind is why do these people get to leave a house in this condition and there is nothing done to them for leaving a blight on the neighborhood?

He's not playing dead

There is a o'possum on East Gladys. He's been dead for a week. Can someone come and move the carcass please?

Give credit where it's due

I'd like to speakout about the 1/4 cent sales tax in Miner. I'm a member of the volunteer fire department and a firefighter, and I can't believe what I was hearing in the meeting Tuesday night. The mayor took full credit for that 1/4 cent sales tax. He's been fighting that all year long and trying to give our fire department away. But to us that were sitting there, I know how it got passed. It was by a man who went door-to-door explaining it thoroughly. It was the same man who got the tourism tax passed for the new lagoon. And it's the same man that got it authorized to put water lines through our town. I do not like for someone that did nothing to take credit for something he has not done.


I was reading in the Wednesday paper that all the auto plant jobs are going to Mexico. Haven't we got a fine president who is bringing all the illegals over in the United States to work and all of our jobs are going to Mexico? We really need a new president. He's the sorriest one we've ever had.

Not good memories

I'm calling about the April 23 speakout, and the person was wondering why Garden of Memories Cemetery was not kept up as well as Memorial Park. I am wondering the same thing. Garden of Memories is really looking bad, just like the west end of town around it. I don't see any reason why it's not getting the same treatment as Memorial Park. They are also making the driveway practically into the graves back to the street where the garage is where they have their trucks parked. I think it's very disrespectful the way the cemetery is looking at this time.

Look, we're doublewide

It came out in the paper that Main Street in East Prairie, that when they got the centerline painted, it would make the street look wider. We now have a double yellow centerline. I guess that will make the street look twice as wide.