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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blue tarp makes me see red

Is there a city code concerning project cars sitting in driveways, especially those under blue tarps, in the Plantation area? A call will go in to the city to find out, but as I drove down my street and passed the blue tarp again, it upset me enough to make it public. I'm tired of seeing it as I drive my street or walk my dog or hang out in the yard. I won't name the street, but if you're the owner of the blue tarped car that's been sitting in the drive of the newest constructed home on the block in the subdivision behind Lowes, we kindly ask that you please store the car elsewhere. Store it in the garage at least so it is not sitting out in the open. Thank you.

Ridin' the storm out

In response to your column regarding the new racial database, it is clear to a majority of Americans Barack Obama is an out of control, forget the Constitution and bypass Congress, do what he damn well pleases president. No one else would ever get away with what he does and has done to divide our nation over race. No one stands up to him, challenges him or even suggests he step down for incompetence and for being anti-American. The country is at a tipping point and we have a President pushing to topple our institutions while making deals with our enemies. Yet I hear no leader, Republican or Democrat, calling to hold him accountable through the impeachment process. The evidence for his removal from office is overwhelming. Apparently the people don't have the will and just want to ride it out until he is gone. That could be too late if people don't act now. Why does no one speak of impeachment?

Not up to grade

I live in New Madrid County. I'd like to know how many road graders they own because our roads are crap. Our secondary roads are not maintained like they used to be. Is this because we have a different commissioner or a different presiding judge? This didn't happen when we had Mr. Hawes in office.