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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Smile, you're on camera

Slushers' has the best surveillance cameras I have ever seen. This picture on Aug. 27 of this man that had robbed Slusher's looks like it was taken with a real good camera.

Race shouldn't matter

When we fill out paperwork and applications for assistance, why do we have to put race on there? If you qualify for it, you qualify. What does race have to do with anything?

Not happy about gay marriage

I would like to say that the woman in Kentucky that won't marry gays, good for her. God will recognize her and he will take care of her. And for all the gay people and the people that are marrying them, when they get to hell they'll know that God meant for man to marry woman, not woman marry woman and man marry man. When they split hell wide open, I think they will realize that. She's a good Christian woman and I think everybody should stand up for her. She is doing the right thing. They say they were born that way. They were not born that way. God said for man to marry woman. That's exactly what he meant. He wouldn't let anybody be born gay. That don't even make sense. People are just fooling themselves.

Drowning in taxes

This is in regard to "Challenge the assumption" and the response to that caller's points about the upcoming sales tax increase. I address the response primarily and where you are stating that this is not that big of a deal, the increase is not gonna be that much, not much different than other towns, so on and so forth. I find it ironic that just about four years ago roughly, we were trying to get a state sales tax to increase slightly to about these same percentages that you are quoting now that are no big deal. But everyone came out of the woodwork because it was going to be too regressive on the poor. We were trying to replace the income tax with just a slight increase in sales tax. I would suggest that all those folks who were so dead set against getting rid of the income tax and bringing our sales tax up to what we are looking at now, why don't we get those people to pay for these tax increases because it's too regressive on the rest of us? Doesn't matter what Cape or Poplar Bluff have, we live here and we work here. We're being smothered to death and strangled and drowned by increases in taxes on every front, from Obamacare to all the crap that goes on nationally, all the regulations. Taxes are going up everywhere. This is not happening in a vacuum. We cannot afford any more taxes. Maybe we should have thought about this before we built all those new buildings.

Trumped up

It is not the man, it is a movement. Make America great again in 2016. USA matters. Trump 2016.

Only God can help America

Has anyone noticed how our so-called President acknowledged the execution of a Texas police officer, minding his own business, still in his car, most likely to go on duty to protect the public from idiots like the one he gunned him down in the back? Only God can help America at this point and time. It's so sad, so sad. And by the way, this officer did not have a stolen box of cigars.