Saturday, June 18, 2016

What fits the profile?

I have a question. If a black police officer stops a black speeder, is that still racial profiling or is that counted in the analysis that has been in the paper lately?

Yes, of course. The issue is the race of the motorist, not the officer.

Tired of punching

I would like to know when people are gonna get their own numbers where we don't have to punch buttons to find out anything. You call and want to find out anything about your utility bill or anything in Sikeston, and it's push this and push that. What do they hire them little ol' gals for anyhow? You have to call an 800 number or somewhere way off. If they're gonna pay them little girls to be in the office, the ought to make them do something. That's ridiculous that you have to push buttons for 30 minutes.

An unhealthy choice

I was at this restaurant this afternoon and having a nice quiet time, then this couple came in. It didn't take long before this lady smoked me out, not only in the bar area but the nonsmoking area. I don't know what she was smoking, but it filled the whole restaurant. It was awful. It's ironic that this very nice man works at a health department. How do you work for better health for people from 8 to 5, and then after 5, you ruin people's lungs? Just making a statement. If you don't believe in what you are doing at the health department, get another job.

Hounding for help

It's insane that somebody can't do something about the dogs over in Morehouse on Cole Street. They are literally starving. You can see their bones, the skin is hanging off of them. Some have cuts on them. The Humane Society out of Cape has been called several times. Please somebody, help these animals.