Saturday, July 2, 2016

Votes will destroy values

This is to "Honestly," who said if you are a Christian you should be honest and not play hypocrite games, and that it's wrong if Democrats do it but alright for Republicans because that's they Republican way. You never say if you are a Christian or not. No Christian could vote for a Democrat, a party this bent on destroying our Christian values.

Head for the cellar!

If that local TV station out of Cape don't get rid of that ol' boy they hired, the ol' baldheaded guy who thinks he's a weatherman, they're gonna lose all their viewers. I have just about quit watching it. Every time a cloud comes up, he thinks there's a tornado coming somewhere. All he wants to do is use scare tactics. Somebody needs to do something about this.

Minor check is drastic

No one is behind the curtain with this new Democratic gun control deal. They're saying all they want is background checks. Basically background checks are about a 3 to 6 month period before you will get your gun. That's how long it would take to check you. They are also wanting to charge $250. Another thing they want to do is make sure that anyone at a gun show would have to go through a background check. So basically, it's gonna take 6 months and they're gonna charge you a $250 fee, and that will shut down the gun shops which they've been trying to do for many years. They're telling you it's just a little minor background check, but they're not telling you how drastic the background check is.