Thursday, August 4, 2016

Not a lot to drink on

I am a member of the Pentecostal Church. I called Sikeston DPS to report a group of people gathered on our parking lot drinking, playing loud music and using foul language. Sikeston DPS did nothing to them. They let them all disperse in their vehicles as they were sitting out there with their beer cans and bottles in their hands. I think someone should check in to what Sikeston DPS is doing.

Drew Juden, Director of Public Safety, stated that on private property it requires the property owner to sign a complaint if they want someone arrested for trespassing/littering. He also said that DPS would welcome the opportunity to visit with you in person to discuss your concerns.

Getting high on Main

I wish the man that owns the fields of crops out here on Main Street would cut the high weeds around it. We mow back behind our houses, but there's lots of weeds that are too high for us to mow. He needs to get it mowed.


This is in regards to the person that called in about the young persons dying and not putting the cause in the paper. There's a lot of them that die from cancer or victims of car accidents or some type of illness. Why should they put the cause of death in the paper? So you just think they committed suicide. Have a heart.

Senseless call

I have laughed and laughed about Trump's wife. Surely, surely, someone told her she couldn't make the same speech Michelle Obama made. Of course, they ain't got sense to write their own. Hasn't she got any sense? Her and her husband are about alike. He tells one thing over and over and over again. I get so sick of him. I don't think they have enough sense to run a country. I don't know how he's gonna change one thing to make America great. I hate to see what he's going to do. He needs to go back to school (if he ever went to school) and learn a few things before he can think about running a country. It sure will be a mess. I know someone must have wrote the speech for her because she couldn't write the first word. But at least she had on clothes. Neither one of them has the knowledge Michelle and Obama has. They can talk and make speeches without having to read it off like Bush did at the funeral of those cops. Bush had to read everything off. Obama didn't have to read anything off. All the Republicans can do is run their mouths and lie, lie, lie.

Please take your meds and get some sleep.

Lower than low

It takes someone that is really lowdown to steal a free paper. Sir, I saw you steal my paper. You should be ashamed. They are free on Wednesday.