Grievance industry is in full swing in USA

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Depending on just what version of the prevailing landscape you believe, it's either a wonderful time to live in America or it's the absolutely worst time in history to be an American.

I always find it somewhat amusing that people can view the same set of rules and come to such radically different conclusions. But alas, that's where we find ourselves.

Just a casual scanning of the headlines illustrates the growing gap of disagreement on issues large and small. The grievance industry is in full swing and grows by leaps and bounds by the day.

If all of the rhetoric is to be believed, America has become a full-blown source of discrimination against a growing group of "disenfranchised" individuals.

Americans routinely discriminate against illegal immigrants, African Americans, women and members of the LGBTQ community - or so those groups believe.

While ignoring the fundamental freedoms accorded to all, these groups have combined to paint a portrait of current day America that is short on inclusion and long on discrimination.

Our daily news cycle churns out constant examples of our coordinated efforts to discriminate and oppress our fellow man.

There is but one small problem with this argument. It's simply not true.

We've found a way in this current environment to confuse actual discrimination with the "feelings" of discrimination. We've confused discrimination with disagreement.

The once cottage industry of grievances has grown into a full-blown machine that is well-financed and active in convincing the world that America is a country of bigoted rednecks with a not-so-hidden agenda of discrimination.

While listening to some mundane psycho-babble on the internet this week, I found one hidden nugget of truth.

The speaker said we should not be judged by the worst among us. Yet that is exactly where we find ourselves.

The grievance communities - and there are many - use a very broad brush to paint a highly inaccurate picture and the always-guilty mass media runs with that narrative.

The result of this growing divide may not bode well for this nation.

If you combine all of the aggrieved groups into one, there are not too many Americans left to control this faux discrimination.

But why let facts get into the way of a good narrative.

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