Saturday, August 4, 2018

Vote yes for Prop A

I see that the Vote No for Prop A signs are all over the place and that just tells me that the desperation of the unions is at the highest level ever. Do you people realize that our Republican governor and administration in the State of Missouri entered into a Right to Work State for the State of Missouri. In other words, we donít have to join a union. But these union people are wanting us to overturn this law. Overturn it. This is a law that is upheld in the State of Missouri. They want us to overturn Right to Work. Do you know why? I will tell you why. The union prevailing wage makes everywhere from $70 to $100 an hour. Is that what you people make in this part of the country? Is that what your voting for to allow these union workers to be able to be paid these prevailing wages of these high gross amounts? Or are you more for the common working people, like the Right to Work state is. I say do not vote no. Vote yes for Prop A. That is a law in the state and we canít just go reversing our laws. Holy moly. Just because some union member isnít making $95 an hour anymore. Thank you.

Prop A is nothing but big government

Iím calling you as a citizen. Iím not a Republican or a Democrat, but Proposition A is big government which Republicans are against. All they are trained to do is defund their enemy. They can defeat their enemies if they do what they said. They donít need Proposition A. Itís big government like they say they are against. They are hypocrites. Thank you.

Watch for my brake check

Yes, I just wanted to make a comment about over here in Mississippi County. These trucks that are pulling these trailers with chemicals from these farmers or these corporations, I know these corporations are the main farmers, donít really know how you drive. How fast. When you pulling a trailer that probably holding a 1,000 gallons or pounds worth of chemicals and youíre running up on peopleís butts, driving 65 in a pickup truck. You know the next time you do that to me Iím going to hit my brakes and then you can explain to your boss why you are driving 65 miles per hour pulling a double trailer with chemicals on the back of it. Címon, wise up. Wise up. I know it ainít you that is going to be sue. Wise up. Thatís a little dangerous out here. Especially when I have my grandson in the backseat. I hope you do it when Iím by myself. Thank you.

Get rid of the stop signs

I see on the news all the time where the State of Missouri needs more money, Scott County needs more money, the City of Sikeston needs more money. If they would take down every red, metal stop sign in the whole state they would save enough money to rebuild the roads. Nobody stops at the red stop signs anyway.

Democrats to blame Russians for losses

I feel totally confident that any losses for Democrats in midterms this fall will be Russian meddling.