Saturday, October 13, 2018

God is in control

Mr. 77, I think you are going to see a lot changes if you live very much longer. By the way, you need to look up the definition in the Websterís Dictionary of socialism, communism and some of the other forms of government that will happen if the Democrats stay in. By the way, Mr. Jensen, you are right about John Kerry. I heard him speaking recently for about one minute and could tell what he was doing. But again, I think this is Bible prophecy and God is in control. And again to Mr. 77. You will see a change one way or another. Either here on earth or after. I hope that your life is right with Christ. I will pray for you. Thank you.

Suggestion about the protestors

Good morning. I have a suggestion. All of the protestors that protest everything done in Washington, D.C., or Jefferson City, Mo., be arrested and nobody gets turned out of jail until they tell who is paying them.

While the protestors can be a nuisance, you are allowed to protest in the United States as long as they follow the laws.

Code enforcement question

Yes, this is for the city code enforcement division. There has been a car sitting on Kathleen near Kinder Signs. Sitting in the road for several months that has grass and weeds growing up. Is this against city code? I was just wondering. Thanks.

We suggest you contact city code enforcement at 471-2512.

Keep your panties up ladies

I donít know what in the world is wrong with some women. They sleep with every man in the country, married or unmarried, and when they get pregnant, they have to test 20 men to see who the daddy is. Thatís just utterly ridiculous. They should keep their panties up and legs crossed and they wouldnít be having babies until they got married. It used to be first come love, then come marriage, then come baby carriage, but now, married or not, sometimes it ainít even love and the baby carriage is about five or six times before they ever get married. Most of the babies by different men. Itís just utterly ridiculous. Thank you.