Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Trump is right with his tariffs

For those of you who thinks President Trump is wrong messing with Red China considering unequal imports and exports, not all the junk we import comes from China. We have Bangladesh, all of South America, all of the Asian companies and all our enemies. We get clothes that say theyíll fit but they donít. The label says they fit but they donít. Sleeves are too short, pants that donít fit. The big one I hate is I wore a size nine shoe since I was 12-years-old. Now I have to buy shoes 10 1/2 or 11. Now the auto parts we receive are nothing but junk. The bulbs for our vehicles will not last like American-made. Iím sure you remember our people-bridge between two motels in Kansas City that fell. Also in Florida it was a people-bridge that fell. Both were made with foreign steel. You shouldnít be allowed to make anything without American steel. We need our American millionaires to invest in American companies. Also, no American property should be owned by foreigners. A lot of countries, one I know particular about is the Phillipines, an American cannot own property. If he wants to own property he has to marry Phillipino and put it in her name. Thatís what we should do in America. And we also should send all foreigners home. Thank you.

Thank you for your honesty

This is the lady who left her purse in the shopping cart in the midtown grocery store here in Sikeston and I would just like to say thank you to the honest person who took in the store and turned it in. May God bless you. Thank you again.

Why are you so cruel to your dog?

I would just like to know how the man on Marian Street would feel if someone left him tied up outside in the cold rain? His dogs are always tied up even though he has a fenced in back yard. They cry and whine for hours and he does nothing. He never walks them or plays with them. Some people are so cruel.