Saturday, March 30, 2019

Disagree with Feb. 27 editorial

I read your editorial in the Wednesday, Feb. 27 Standard, concerning Bill Mahersí Real Time show. I donít agree with Bill Maher much. His opinions are only his and not relevant to me. But I usually watch his show and all other shows where there is a good effort to present both sides. For these contrasts I get other information on which to base my opinions. You took offense in your editorial on something I found irrelevant and only the pitch of a showman. You missed his point which I found to be very interesting. We live in the bootheel of Missouri, apprised of seven counties. They are the poorest in Missouri. And two of which may be in the poorest 10 percent of the nation. This is not opinion, but fact, no matter how it is spun. Mr. Maherís point that there are two Americas is well taken. We are not competitive when big cities give billions of dollars in incentives to attract good industries to their part of America. Companies like Amazon, which was offered over $3 billion in money to locate in New York, Amazon has an average salary of $150,000 per employee. Mr. Maher pointed out this is not right and only further divides this country. There should be a system that encourages this type of company to locate where they are truly needed. Out here in flyover land. I have rewatched Mr. Maher show three times to make sure that my opinions are accurate. Thank you very much.

Democrats are all for immigration

This is just another thought on illegal immigration into the United States. Democrats are for it 100 percent as long as these people coming in will vote Democratic ticket and not move into the peopleís neighborhood that are wanting them to come in. Thank you.

People should complain about rates

Yeah, Iím calling about this outrageously high electric bill. Iím retirement age, and I canít afford to retire if electric bills and prices like this. Poor people canít really afford these type of increases and if everybodyís bill would go up $5 or $10, I could understand, but mine has gone up way over $100 more. And there are more increases to come. Why donít the government lower the rates and put a freeze on it? Everybody should complain and write their congressman and picket with signs on Malone Street. Folks should complain and be heard and be able to get something done to lower prices. They are making a fortune off poor working and retired people. Thank you.